Biting the concrete and the pool.

I recently recovered from a knee injury.  About a month ago, as I walked on the wet, narrow concrete pathway that lies between my pool and pool fence, I slipped and fell the wrong way into the pool.  How can someone fall in a pool wrong?  Be me.  One leg went in the pool, and the other leg hit the concrete first and then went into the pool.  Stunned, I pulled myself out, and sat and wailed of the excruciating pain for a few minutes.  When I am unable to cuss about pain, it’s bad.  I thought I broke my leg, but I got up and discovered that I could stand and limp on it.  I was afraid I tore my meniscus or something.  I discovered later that the sandals I wore at that time are very slippery on wet concrete.

I heard that glucosamine is good for the joints, and turmeric is good for reducing inflammation.  So I took those and advil.  (I take the minimum dose of advil only when absolutely necessary – like when pain is so great that it affects my mood.  I don’t want to bite anyone’s head off ).  I still managed to drag myself to the gym.  I modified my cardio workout, by using pedaling the stationary bike focused on one leg while the other rested on the other pedal.  I felt better after each workout, and I really think that this helped in speeding up my recovery.

So, if you are at a pool and a lifeguard rags on you to slow down, remember that they are trying to prevent you from falling on your ass or hurting others in the process.  And if you get an injury, you might want to try to gently exercise body parts that still work. It might make you feel better.



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Hi, my name is Lisa. I paint florals, still life and landscapes in acrylics and oils on canvas, and I am recently venturing into producing metal/garden art . I also love gardening, exercising, traveling, and reading. I recently graduated from California State University, East Bay with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Health Sciences.

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