Fairy Garden Creation

In the random piece of my backyard that is elevated and lacks grass between two palms, my daughter and I decided to make a fairy garden.  My husband and her bought and put together a solar windmill. It was added first. I then added my pink 1.00 elf from Target. Then we created a path with leftover purplish aquarium rock that had been sitting in a drawer for a few years. Last, I bought some pansies and violas from a local nursery and planted them along the small rocks. My daughter also added a white lantern our cousin had given me.  She also made a fairy pool with a bowl she snagged from the kitchen. (Luckily it is a cheap one) It would be fun to visual fairy figures. In the meantime, we will just imagine!

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Hi, my name is Lisa. I paint florals, still life and landscapes in acrylics and oils on canvas, and I am recently venturing into producing metal/garden art . I also love gardening, exercising, traveling, and reading. I recently graduated from California State University, East Bay with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Health Sciences.

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