Studio Space

I have read before that white walls are ideal for creating in your studio space in nailing down true color effects in paintings.  I prefer my red walls to create in though. This color is vibrant and energizes me. There is something cha cha, happy, and passionate that I find in this color. It inspires my creativity, and it helps to mute the blues out of whatever I was feeling for the day.  So, if yellow, purple or green walls may inspire your creative space, I say go for it. Make it your own “happy space.”

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Hi, my name is Lisa. I paint florals, still life and landscapes in acrylics and oils on canvas, and I am recently venturing into producing metal/garden art . I also love gardening, exercising, traveling, and reading. I recently graduated from California State University, East Bay with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Health Sciences.

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